Trans-Savoie 50/50 ::: Big Alpine Enduro


We have limited opportunity for energetic and enthusiastic people to join the event in support of our permanent and experienced event staff, in several volunteer roles. In return for just over a week of your time, not only will volunteer’s get a chance to follow the event first-hand, but they’ll meet a whole load of like-minded new friends in the process.

We’ll provide accommodation (a mix of tents and dormitories), all catering, lift passes and transportation for you throughout the event – all you need to bring is lots of energy, a well-maintained bike if your role demands it, a healthy team spirit and an appetite for adventure!

For all roles, a level of French language knowledge would be an advantage but is by no means essential. All volunteers must be prepared for a week very early starts / and or very late finishes, and in general an intense, yet rewarding week that you won’t forget in a hurry! All volunteers must be available from Thursday 18th August 2022 (for induction and safety training prior to the event) to Saturday 27th August 2022.

Inbound transfers will be provided from Geneva Airport for a latest arrival time of 16:00 – or it’s possible to get the train if you can’t make our pickup.  We’ll collect you from Bourg St Maurice Station, use www.thetrainline.com to check train timetables first!). For the return leg, we will get you back to the airport by 14:30. In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to jump in with the competitors for the return leg (this arrives at Geneva Mid-day).

We will do our best to arrange car-sharing between you, for those driving over from the UK or Mainland Europe.  All volunteers must join our Trail Maintenance and Shared-Use Advocacy Group “Dig/Eat/Ride/Meet” with a membership fee of €30.   This allows us to cover you on our clubs liability insurance and allows you to have legal status as a volunteer.  We’ll reimburse genuine travel expenses or mileage (with receipts) of up to a maximum of €200, as well as cover all your food and accommodation costs during the event itself.

If you’re serious about coming and are able to commit to the week, we’d love to hear from you – don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more. Please drop us a line with a little about yourself, why you’d like to volunteer, and a run-down of your skills and experience that make you suitable for the role: ali@trans-savoie.com

Logistics Assistant:

General assistance with setting up and decamping each day. (Putting up and down tents, loading and unloading vehicles, manning of feed stations, basic administration assistance, help with timing and daily registration, driving of our vehicles between camps. This is an off-bike role but is very, very sociable!  You will get the opportunity to watch some of the racing that passes near to camp, and will certainly get to enjoy all the social experience of the event. Be aware that this is very much a work-hard, play-hard role; don’t expect a week of sunbathing and sipping cocktails by the trailside!

Key Skills: Physically fit and well, willing & able to assist in physically demanding work as above. Well-organised, can keep to a schedule.  Desirable Skills: Driving licence and prior experience of driving minibus / van / vehicles with trailer, and/or on the right side of the road.

On-Bike Mountain Medic / Paramedic, and/or Camp-Based Doctors

As a qualified Doctor or Paramedic, this role is to provide first-responder medical care and advice for any serious injuries. Attend to inured riders in a first-responder role, and provide medical opinion to aid with the mountain marshall team’s rescue / evacuation planning in the event of an accident scenario.  You will ride the whole course in with the racers with your medical supplies in your pack, so you need to be very confident on a bike and used to very big days on very technical trails in a real, high mountain environment.

The camp-based Doctor’s job to provide medical advice and opinion for walking-wounded on camp.  Attend to minor injuries and provide medical opinion if hospital treatment is recommended.   Provide a second opinion where required, for the Mountain Doctors.

Mountain Rescue 4×4 Vehicle Support:

A potentially ‘fun’ role for vehicle enthusiasts with a buzz for adventure, in this role you’ll man the 4×4 off-roader and generally be out on the mountain all day – ferrying marshall’s to remote mountain locations before the lifts are open, and aiding in rescue, recovery or timing and technical support scenarios where required. First-aid qualified, off-road driving experience and confidence and good general mountain awareness with excellent navigation and map-reading skills are essential for this safety-critical role.

On-Bike Mountain-Marshall:

Aid with signage / course marking & timing station manning. Pre-ride special stage ahead of race and sweep the course behind the field of riders. Take down all course marking immediately after the racers have passed. Help with organisation and implementation of contingency plans in the case of accident / emergency / adverse weather / unplanned lift failure / competitor lost out on course. This is primarily an on-bike role and you will get the chance to ride about 50% of the course each day, in completing this role, as well as a ringside seat for at least one special stage per day, albeit in a responsible role.

You’ll be up on the mountain all day and enjoy the buzz of an active, ringside seat throughout.  You’ll be on your bike almost all day every day in some truly stunning, remote places, and you’ll be with a crew of some of the world’s most awesome people!  But being honest, this is NOT a back-door ticket to a free entry to the event. Riding the trails in a responsible role as our volunteer crew, and in particular dealing with putting up / taking down course marking and other critical tasks – is quite a rather different experience to simply riding and enjoying the event purely for yourself. (Some would say more rewarding, but it really depends on what you expect to get from the week!).

Key Skills: Excellent navigation (from an O/S-style map or GPS). VERY competent, confident rider, very good level of fitness, basic first aid experience and all-round general high-mountain / remote expedition experience. Must be happy with early starts and late finishes- its a long week, but certainly an adventure with a great team of people from around the world and you are an integral part, at the action-end of the event.


These media “internships” are not a paid, but this doesn’t mean we expect anything less than a professional attitude at all times, and high-quality results.  

In return, you’ll get to work with established industry professionals, build a new professional network with the main industry publications, and most importantly, get credited for your contribution which will pushed out far and wide via our press releases and own social media.

Finally, if you meet the grade, we’ll invite you back next year, to work on our media team in a paid role.

Media Crew – Videographer

If you’re a keen videographer and/or drone operator with a proven track record and ready to step up, now’s your chance.  Join our pro media crew as an intern for the week, both shooting and in post-editing, if you’re keen.

Social Media Co-ordinator

The right candidate will no-doubt know more about this, than we do! You’ll take control of our Facebook and Insta accounts and be our window to the world, for the week.

Taking daily content from our on-site media crew as well as adding your own “behind the scenes” footage such as soundbytes wth riders and volunteer crew, your job is to share the good-time vibes with our global online audience.

Additional opportunities are to review and provide content for our formal press releases that will be published to all the major media outlets.

You’ll get a good time out on the mountain and on your bike enjoying the trails, but clearly, you’ll need to dedicate at least half of your time to getting that content out there, and you can’t do that whilst your riding!