17 OCTOBER 2021 at 21H00 CET

The standard entry package includes 7 days’ accommodation, catering, and logistical support such that all entrants can focus 100% on your riding, and on an equal footing to all other participants.

If you are in any way unsure that you are ready to tackle the Trans-Savoie, why not first try a week’s guided holiday with sister operation trailAddiction to sample the terrain and environment?


  • Dormitory (Lodge) Shared Accommodation (6 to 8 per room) – 5 nights
  • Campsite accommodation in individual tents  – 2 nights (Sleeping bags provided on request)
  • Quality catering (3 meals per day) – A mixture of packed lunch & feed stations; and mountain restaurants.
  • Daily logistical support / baggage transfer & full race support
  • Fully sign-posted route in excess of 250km rideable terrain
  • Electronic timing / safety check system and all associated equipment
  • Daily lift-passes as required to complete the route
  • Vehicle support for breakdown / medical emergency
  • On-site professional medical care & marshalls
  • Unlimited Cold Beers, every day.
  • Access to daily de-brief and evening social events
  • Entry to end-of-event party
  • Return logistics to race starting point, at the end of the event (Bourg Saint Maurice, Savoie)
  • Airport transfers to/from Geneva Airport can be arranged if required – not included in entry price

Registration Instructions

Registrations close 8th August 2021 at 21h00 CET

  • You’ll have a chance to tag-in team mates and colleagues if you want to sign up together
  • Read the detail about the new 50/50 format before entering – You do know its NOT A RACE, right? 🙂
  • Join our Facebook Page for important updates.
  • Register online via our online portal (Engage-sports.com) – Link goes live at the top of this page.
  • Your registration will accepted and confirmed within 14 days (probably sooner).
  • Once your entry is confirmed, A deposit of 495 Euros is payable immediately via credit or bank card.  
  • Once your entry deposit is accepted, this confirmation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable except for COVID-related cancellation.
  • The remaining balance of entry fee is collected automatically 30 days before the event (eg 21 July).
  • You’ll need to arrange for a medical non-contra-indication certification from your medical practitioner, which is required to race in France. A valid UCI Race License is also acceptable.
  • Ensure that you have full accident and rescue / medical insurance in place for the event.
  • You deposit and entry fee are fully refundable if for any reason the event is not able to go ahead as planned.
  • We strongly recommend cancellation insurance since we are not able to refund your entry fee in the event of your cancellation, excepting for COVID-related reasons.


This last year has been pretty “special” to say the least.  And there’s still a level of uncertainty around COVID-19 and travel restrictions. So let us be clear – the risk is all on us.

We’ve delayed opening entries this year until the COVID-19 situation was clear enough to give us confidence on what we can and cannot achieve.  France has now confirmed that as of 9th June, events of up to 5000 will be permitted. Furthermore, travel within the EU (inc Switzerland and the EEA) will be unrestricted if you are vaccinated.  If not, you just need to show a negative recent COVID-19 test. This will all be facilitated via an EU-wide application on your mobile phone, using simple flash-codes.  The news is also extremely positive for those intending to travel from the USA and the UK.

You will receive a 100% refund if you are resident in the UK or the EU and:

  • The event is cancelled due to an unexpected change in the pandemic situation,  (for example, a new and unexpected wave of the pandemic which prohibits the event).
  • You are unable to make plans to travel France (Bourg St Maurice), because of travel restrictions or quarantine measures still in force at that time*

*This includes:

  • a governmental travel ban from your country of origin, into France.
  • Mandatory quarantine/isolation upon your on entry into France, or on your return home.
  • Riders who are unable to travel because they recently caught COVID or are an active “contact-case” and must self-isolate to protect others

*This does not include:

  • Restrictions imposed for riders and travellers because they have not been vaccinated or arranged a covid-travel-passport where necessary OR
  • The requirement to take a COVID-19 test before or after travel.

In summary, your registration is a strong commitment / intention to attend – only IF COVID-19 travel conditions allow you to attend.  If not, we’ve got you covered – but we hope this shows you our level of confidence that come August, the western-world will be well on its way to resuming some level of normality (if travelling to a foreign land to shred down 4 to 5000m of sublime alpine singeltrack per day, 6 days in a row… is your idea of “normal”).

That said, please don’t use this an excuse to pull out at the last minute because you broke a fingernail, or the dog ate your homework, your boss decided you can’t take a holiday after all, or you didn’t run all this past your better-half properly, before you signed-up.


In these turbulent times, whilst we have no doubts about the successful delivery of the Trans-Savoie 50/50 in spite of the pandemic –  we do feel it’s wise to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That’s why all registrations will be taken through an external visa/mastercard registration portal (you’ll probably know already that direct bank transfers you may have used in the past with other events offer you as a customer, no financial protection whatsoever).  In addition, we’ve arranged for all monies paid in advance, to be held in a secure, 3rd party account to which we have no access at all until after the event is completed. (In other words the whole event is bankrolled by us, up front).  In the extremely unlikely scenario that the worst should happen and the event cannot take place for any reason – your money would be refunded automatically – directly to the card you used to pay in the first place, and without us even having to do anything to make it happen.  The cost of all of this is already covered in the price of your entry, and you dont have to do anything, to be covered – other than sign up….with fun confidence.