Trans-Savoie is back with a brand new event in August 2021: The Fifty/Fifty blends normal bikes and e-bikes, off-the-clock adventures and timed stage racing, into a new 6-day adventure in the French Alps.

You’ve heard it before – “If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in”.

Whilst that may have been the vibe for many of the more popular, bucket-list Trans-Enduro events, things have changed and the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the events scene around the globe. With numbers in Europe suddenly dropping fast, and borders beginning to open up; the team behind the Trans-Savoie have just announced a surprise comeback event, after 5-year break. The 50/50 is an all-new format which is aimed squarely at the mass-market, rather than an elitist few. That said, with only 100 entries up for grabs (50 E-bike, 50 Regular Bike), you might well need to be on your game, when entries open at the end of the month.

Essential Info:
21st to 28th August 2021
Savoie, French Alps (Departs – Bourg St. Maurice, nearest Airport – Geneva)
6-day Enduro Adventure
20,000m+ descent, 6,000m ascent (on top of shuttles and ski lifts).
Limited to 100 Entries: 50 E-Bike / 50 Regular Bike
Strong Focus on Adventure and Camaraderie, rather than Racing.
Entries open 6th June 2021 at www.trans-savoie.com 

€1495 all-inclusive per rider.
Staggered Entry Fee – 35% discount for early birds.
Covid cancellation insured, including full refund in event of travel restrictions or quarantine measures.
Dormitory accommodation and all food, shuttles & lift-passes, rescue, timing system, Medic Support etc included in entry price. 

One of the original multi-day mountain bike adventures, Trans-Savoie, is coming back to the stunning French Alps later this year, but with a brand-new and original format. Joining electric and regular mountain bikers together, the new event will see riders tackle one of the most epic singletrack adventures ever imagined.

Trans-Savoie ran for four hugely successful editions (2013-2016) and offered more descending and on-the-clock stage time than any other equivalent enduro-style event. Drawn from two decades of local riding knowledge, the legendary TS route took in the best trails in the Alps, and became renowned as one of the world’s toughest mountain bike challenges. This new incarnation goes even further out into the realm of epic adventuring with friends old and new, whilst also becoming more accessible (and realistic to complete) for keen amateurs.

So, What’s New?
50/50 places more emphasis on adventure, rather than racing the clock; aided by amazing leaps in electric bike technology making the best terrain accessible to more adventurers…whilst absolutely not forgetting those who still love to ride without a battery.

Trans-Savoie 50/50 will take riders higher and into wilder terrain than ever, meaning many of the best trails of the original event, plus next level stages that were simply too epic, remote, sensitive or exposed to race down in previous editions. The 50/50 theme extends to around half of the 2021 itinerary being brand new relative to previous editions of the Trans-Savoie.

Increasing the focus on big-mountain adventure emphasises the personal challenge and joy of riding endless alpine singletrack for six days straight, with ski lifts and shuttles taking riders even further out of the bike parks into loamy forests and high Alpine pastures. E-bikes also enable riders who might struggle to complete well in excess of 20,000m vertical downhill laced with unavoidable climbs and liaisons reach all the event’s gold.

Tackling some of the world’s best trails on a regular or electric bike will be a personal choice with benefits to both options, but the communal achievement of completing the incredible 6-day Trans-Savoie Alpine journey will be shared by everyone, no matter your weapon of choice. All days will be specifically tailored too, so that modern e-bikes can complete transfers between descents without charging or extra batteries.

Is it a Race?

No, definitely not! Those looking for a week of EWS-style racing, should look elsewhere. There’ll be no overall podium and no official daily ranking. The focus with 50/50 is in discovering and enjoying your ultimate Alpine trails, scenery and adventure, together with a group of like-minded individuals. 

That said, when world-class singletrack points downhill in chunks of 1000m vertical descent at a time, there’s probably going to be more than a hint of rivalry between riding buddies and fellow mountain bikers. But with 50/50, this is not our primary goal. We aware acutely aware of our limited privilege to even be allowed access to such a pristine natural environment in the first place; one which we must share respectfully with others..or as mountain bikers, risk losing that privilege forever.

All “stages” – around 30 in total – will be checked in and out for safety purposes. The 50/50 format means that some ‘special’ stages (those that have been approved and authorised as suitable to race) will be officially timed with Sportident chips with individual results published each day. This adds another dimension to each day’s epic journey and will satisfy riders who can’t resist at least a few maximum efforts during the week.

The fully-marked course pays extra attention to signage on downhill sectors, and all entrants receive a full route map in GPX format.

Since 50/50 doesn’t use closed or MTB-dedicated trails, riders must respect other trail users, animals and the local environment at all times. Sustainability is so important to Trans-Savoie, this will be vigorously monitored with any rider deliberately leaving the trail or cutting switchbacks resulting in an immediate expulsion from the event.

Ali Jamieson, Lead Guide at event promoter trailAddiction had this to say: “This has been a long time coming, but the moment I hit on the concept of mixing e-bikes and regular bikes side by side, and to take the emphasis off out-and-out racing, for me, it just felt right. From that moment onwards, I just had to make it happen as soon as possible and everything else just fell right into place. After what seems like an eternity since the last Trans-Savoie, I’m stoked to finally have the chance to do this; in this particular format – I’ve raced the EWS circuit in the past but was never destined for the podium, although I have always loved the buzz chasing my mates, flat out, on a casual Sunday ride. The 50/50 is truly what I’ve been wanting to do for 20 years, but never really knew if anyone else would be keen to take it on. I guess I’m about to find out!  

It is what it is and I guess it doesn’t really have a defined category, just now: quite simply, one week of riding the best trails and biggest Alpine adventures I know, period – no exceptions, no compromises, no-holes-barred. Bring it on!”

The Format
• 6 days in 6 different regions, with huge elevation gained multiple times daily via mechanical ski-lifts and shuttles.
• Dormitory-style accommodation and all food, shuttles & lifts etc. included in entry price.
• Typically 3,500-4,000m descending per day, with an average of 1000m ascending, designed to be achievable on a modern e-bike in economy-mode, on one battery.
(A second battery is permitted, but not recommended).
• 50 entries for normal bikes, 50 entries for e-bikes.

Cost to Participate

Standard Entry Fee is €1495

Early-bird discounts for the first 30 riders:

First 10 riders (5 in each category) at only €995
Second 10 riders (5 in each category) at only €1195
Third 10 Riders (5 in each category) at only €1295
All Remaining entries at €1495

Deposit of €495 payable to secure entry with balance to be paid before 15 July 2021.  Deposit is fully refundable in the event of cancellation due to Covid-19 travel restrictions making travel to/from France impractical.

Volunteer opportunities are available for on-bike marshalls, a 4X4 driver and paramedics/medical professionals to support our professional rescue team. 

Travel Concerns
We understand that international travel with a bike, can be challenging…perhaps even more difficult with the safety requirements for E-bikes and their Lithium Batteries. Fortunately, we have a solution for that too! Our partner Ship to Cycle can arrange to delver your bike direct to our event HQ, and arrange for it to be collected and returned home to you at the end of the race. This works for both normal bikes and e-bikes, meaning you only need to think about getting yourself to the start line and leave the bike-transport-logistics to the professionals who deal with this stuff every day, for their day-job!

More details are coming soon on www.trans-savoie.com and via our social media accounts.