Trans-Savoie : THE ROUTE

Probably the most varied, challenging, flat-out-fun, and original route ever conceived in the history of mountain biking……a bold claim indeed. But quite simply, the stats speak for themselves: and there is no better way to describe what is the culmination of literally years of trail research and months of planning, tweaking and refinement. The world over, no other technical point-to-point adventure exists that contains more total distance of singletrack, more descent per day, or with a higher concentration of mind-blowing, descent-biased yet all-natural wilderness riding.

The total distance covered on-bike is around 250Km, over 6-days. The approximate total descent is 20,000m, and Total Ascent is also therefore round 25,000m – but only 6,000m of this is self-propelled – the remainder using a combination of local transport options including ski-lifts, funicular (mountain) railway, cog railway and bus shuttles. The event’s format is therefore heavily biased towards long downhill technical singletrack sections. All riders will ride the course unprepared and unseen, and specific the skill of riding-on-sight – close to the limit but never at or beyond it, and with a strong respect for all other trail & mountain users.

The exact and all-new route of the Fifty-Fifty is a closely guarded secret, and its an evolving, ever-changing beast – years of refinement and iteration alongside hundreds of hours of off-season trail hunting are all throw into the melting pot.

The daily links you’ll find in the menu describe the original Trans-Savoie route from back in 2013.  But the Fifty-Fifty itinerary in 2021 uses these only as a solid foundation – the actual route, however is very different indeed.  Let’s not spoil the surprise just yet though, shall we?

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