Trans-Savoie Race Timing Solutions

SportIdent Chip and Base-Station Timing System

Timing for XC and Enduro Mountain Bike Races, Mass-Start Enduros, Trail and Road Running events, Road Cycling & Randonées, Cyclo-Sportive race timing, Orienteering Challenges, Ski Touring and Ski Rando – you name it, we can do it!

To ensure 100% reliability of the timing system used in the Trans-Savoie, when we launched the event we decided we would invest in the best timing system currently available, and then run the whole set-up in-house.

Having now delivered more than 15 full events of up to 500 riders over multiple days (see our Enduro2 Global Series), sometimes in extremely difficult terrain and weather conditions – we have demonstrated a history zero timing issues or errors at any point during the event.  To be clear on that, all competitors and all 27 stages of the event were timed without hiccup and fully automatically, without any need for manual adjustment or intervention.   Quite an achievement given the huge and remote and challenging nature of the terrain and its timing stations.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering bespoke event timing support for events around the UK, Europe, and New Zealand using our Sportident timing system.  This is thesame system used at the EWS, the Trans-Provence, the BC Enduro Series, the Trans-NZ, the ‘Ard Rock Enduro, and many more top-level events.

In addition to timing services we can offer race organisation consultancy / assistance.

Maximum number of competitors is 500 for any given event (or 1000 if racing in teams of 2).

Particular advantages of our unique timing system:

  • timing stations do not require any power supply and are highly portable (about the size of an average wallet)
  • timing stations are stand-alone and can be set up as unmanned if required
  • results are stored on each individual competitors chip (and a back up is stored at the timing station) for double reliability
  • results are available immediately as soon as the competitor completes their run (no delay to collect in the data from each individual timing station which may still be out on the course at the time the first participants reach the finish).
  • results are given to participants automatically as they cross the finish line as an individual printout, displayed on a screen at the finish, and instantly uploaded “LIVE” to a dedicated hosted web-page for your event, throughout the event (assuming a 4G mobile signal is available at the location of the results station).
  • Interim results can be provided at multiple checkpoints throughout each day of your race, too give participants and spectators regular “live” updates as the race progresses.
  • Mass-start, team-start, or individual starts are equally possible.
  • Single-stage, multi-stage, circuit or point-to-point courses are all equally possible
  • Automatic “Safety Check” is integrated into our system.  We know at all times who is out on course, who finished which stage, and who did not yet return to the finish.  This removes the need for staff to manually check participants in and out at points along the stage – and to be sure your did no lose anyone, out on the course!

The timing system is particularly suited for Enduro or staged events. However it is equally applicable at a running event or any other similar event where a single circuit or multiple timed stages or circuits need to be timed.  Both Single and multi-day events are easy to achieve.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.