The TRANS-SAVOIE is a 6-day point-to-point Enduro. The winner is the rider with the least cumulative total time over all the timed stages of the race. Ridden or uplifted sections between timed stages (Liasons) are not timed and your order of start/finish each day will not influence your final position.
All timed stages are predominantly long, downhill single-track sections of technical trail. Liason Stages are a mixture of cruising singletrack and fireroad, mechanical uplifts (ski-lifts), some climbing – with very minimal off bike hiking/pushing.

The total distance covered on-bike is around 300Km, over 6-days. The approximate total descent is 25,000m, and Total Ascent is also therefore round 25,000m – but only 6,000m of this is self-propelled – the remainder using a combination of local transport options including ski-lifts, funicular (mountain) railway, cog railway and minibus. The event’s format is therefore heavily biased towards long downhill technical singletrack sections. All riders will ride the course unprepared and unseen, and specific the skill of riding-on-sight – close to the limit but ever at or beyond it, is essential to a successful completion of the event.

A mobile base camp will be re-located during the week for you while you race; moving between specially selected, well established, high quality campsites, each in a picturesque alpine setting. Each competitor is provided with an individual tent and thick camping mattress, bike storage and full access to communal on-site facilities. High quality catering is included – provided by local caterers, in association with a team of professionals who have 10+ years experience in catering for hungry mountain bikers.

The vast and often remote nature of the route (long point-to-point stages), dictates it impractical to marshall the entire route. The route is clearly marked (signposted at all junctions) and requires no map-reading on timed stages. A basic level of self-awareness and navigation is required at all times. Liason stages are marked with some confidence of self-navigation being useful to all entrants. A sweeper system of first-aid-capable backmarkers is used in addition to other safety systems. Riders are advised to be wary of the remote and sometimes isolated nature of the route and therefore to ride accordingly at all times. In addition a general awareness and appreciation of a truly wild and remote mountain environment will lead to a successful race and a safe finish.
A detailed route-briefing and navigation crib notes will be given to all competitors before each day’s racing commences.

In addition to the sweeper system, a mutual-goodwill spirit is expected of all entrants. In the event of arriving to a fellow rider in trouble and/or in need of urgent medical attention or rescue, the entrant is expected to temporarily remove their “race-head” and provide assistance / alert the race organisers if not already on the scene. Race standings and stage-time adjustments will be made accordingly and fairly in this event, at the discretion of the race organiser. Similarly, time penalties and even outright disqualification will be applied to any rider flagrantly ignoring the safety of any other rider in an emergency situation…..this is NOT the spirit of the TRANS-SAVOIE!

The route follows a heavily uplift-based route, but all entrants should be wary that a high level of fitness and endurance is required to complete the event. The route includes a number of challenging liaIson stages with climbs of up to 1000m (2-3 hours solid climbing at a reasonable pace). The extremely long and very physical descents involved in this epic route are also not to be taken lightly. Some timed stages will last up to 20 minutes at intense race-pace. Think “Megavalanche”, plus a fair amount of climbing, in one morning’s riding. Then repeat for 6 days in a row.

Riding will commence around 08:30 each day, with time on-course expected to be around 9-10 hours per day (allowing for a lunch break, uplifts, timed stages, rests, and Liaison stages). There will be specific cut-off times for each Liason stage that are for saftey reasons only – not to enforce a fast pace of riding between timed stages (although a reasonable-to-high level of endurance and fitness will be required simply to complete the course within the cut-off time).
Competitors are generally free to proceed into any timed stage at their leisure and in no particular pre-allocated order of rider.

Complete event rules can be viewed in pdf format at this link.