Trans-Savoie ::: This is Big Alpine Enduro

“My favourite event of 2013″ - Rene Wildhaber – E.W.S. 6th Overall & 2013 Trans-Savoie Winner

23rd – 30th August 2014

6 DAYS : 27 TIMED STAGES :: 25,000M DESCENT :: 5000M ASCENT 



The ONLY Multi-Day Enduro Race Linking Natural Trails with Ski-Lift Access 


Than any other Enduro Race

***NEW – Ride the entire Trans-Savoie route with sister guiding operation, trailAddiction***

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A groundbreaking point-to-point stage event 100% focused on technical riding ability and epic adventure, TRANS-SAVOIE joins the dots between skill, athletic fitness, mental determination, and strategic riding on some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

This event truly levels-the-playing-field between the technically brilliant, the athletically fit, the mentally determined, and the mindful strategist….Any participant in this event will require a healthy serving indeed of all the above qualities in order to successfully complete the week.

See the route below, with the latest results, videos and event updates for each day updated throughout the event:

As the long-time vision of the 12-year owner of trailAddiction, the TRANS-SAVOIE is designed to be accessible to many yet uncompromising to all.

The existence of this event is possible only by drawing on our collective knowledge of 50+ years of guiding experience in the Savoie region. A continued passion for extracting only the very best routes from within an infinite trail network of unrealised possibilities is a vision that has been many years in the making.

Now, this potential has been unlocked in a ‘Big Alpine Enduro’ stage race that pushes the boundaries of the mult-staged-Enduro format to a level not yet available elsewhere inany other event.

By selecting a route that uniquely links together the rapid mechanical uplift potential of the region’s extensive ski-lift system, this event stands ahead of all others on statistics alone. This format allows access to a route that quite simply would not be possible by any other means of access.

Adopting a familiar rally-style format, the route consists of several timed downhill-biased stages each day (typically 4 to 5) with a total daily timed descent of an astonishing 4000-5000 vertical metres covering a distance of 35-50Km. The average climb-per-day sits at 800-1000m vertical, of which 95%+ is climbable without dismounting. The terrain is a blend of open and exposed high-alpine and lower-level forrested singletrack…a mixture of tight & technical, fast and flowing, rocky and rooty, and often exposed. This race is most certainly only for those focussed in mind as well as in body. Forget hours of hike -a-bike, sitting in a van, or grinding up fire-roads between stages. The Trans-Savoie is about shredding the most challenging and spectacular singletrack there is… the backdrop of Mt Blanc and other epic peaks that dominate the Savoie region.

This fully-supported event passes through remote and dramatic scenery each day, yet returns to some of the Alps finest and better-known biking destinations hubs each evening for daily de-briefing & camp. The competitor will also be introduced to some lesser known singletrack gold-mines (Bozel, Beaufort, Les Menuires).

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The perks of being an MTB Legend, No.101: Special entry to the 2014 Trans-Savoie? Oh, go on then, you twisted my arm! ... See MoreSee Less

15 hours ago

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Zack BridgesNew beer tab champion?11 hours ago

Son TranLegend!11 hours ago

Rene Damseauxnice one12 hours ago

Richard James MolloyDidn't see that on the artwork guys :)14 hours ago

Joseph RaffertyNice!!15 hours ago

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Last year's winner Rene Wildhaber stood on the podium again at the EWS in colorado this weekend and is now only 20 points behind 3rd place trek team mate justin leov in the overall standings. Go Rene! ... See MoreSee Less

Sooo happy to get another podium at Enduro World Series in Winterpark, Colorado. I love riding in the Wild West. Pic from finish line of stage 7. Thanks to Carol Stacy for tje photo. @redbullsui

21 hours ago


Trans-Savoie shared Trail Addiction's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Trans savoie preview test stage timing setup complete! My (completely fair) time of 4 seconds could be tricky to beat...!! — with Megan Rose and 3 others.

2 days ago

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Adam SchlangYeah. I had a hard time getting under 6 seconds. Where on earth did you find those 2 seconds?? 😜23 hours ago

Gareth Bateman4 seconds down Jackson's, impressive.1 day ago

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Pleased to report that the day 6 grande finale super stage is running sweeet! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Tom Lomaxlooks like fun to me !1 week ago

Paul MooneyCan't wait ✊👊✊👊2 weeks ago

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